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About Me (Veronica)

Veronica is an experienced and exceptional Business Coach, Researcher, Consultant and a Mentor for Small Business Owners and Directors. For over 12 years, Veronica has worked with business owners and directors gain clarity and in the process increase profitability and prosperity.

With expertise in Pricing Strategies and Sustainability for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), Veronica has incredible rapport building and engagement skills. These skills, developed from working across multiple sectors, enables Veronica to help clients achieve greater profitability in their business through strategic approaches to pricing, raising brand competitiveness and gain financially with lower carbon emissions.

In addition to interest in entrepreneurship, supply chain audits and sustainability, Veronica's academic qualification include a Diploma in Business Coaching and a post-graduate law degree (LLM).

Customized and Profitable Solutions for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

  • Experience drawn from working across multiple industries and sectors
  • Help clients achieve greater profitability in their business.
  • Apply strategic approaches to pricing, increasing brand competitiveness.
  • Taking simple and effective actions to reduce carbon emissions and lower costs.


About Us

Endless Possibilities and Higher Profitability

Turning Clarity into Prosperity

History In Words

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    -Completed training and qualifications for Small Business Coaching

    -Start of 121 Business Coaching for Owners of Small Businesse

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    Training and Qualifications

    Completion of training and qualifications as Business Mentor

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    Designed and Delivered

    -Designed and delivered group training courses on Pricing, Customer Service

    -Delivery of Job Skills training for employees restarting after redundance

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    learning training sessions of online and face-to-face

    Delivery of blended learning training sessions (mixture of online and face-to-face)

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    Business Coaching using virtual platforms

    -Start of 121 Small Business Coaching using virtual platforms (WhatsApp, Zoom)

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    Launch of online training courses

    -Launch of online training courses (Pricing Strategies and Tips, Pricing Mistakes and Avoiding them for Digital Businesses, Sustainability and CSR Shaping the Future for Trustees and NEDs)

    -Redesign and launch of new responsive website

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